Last in-person yoga sessions at Sport Manitoba before we break for summer!

Please catch my last in-person sessions at Sport Manitoba Fitness Centre before we take a break for summer! These are 4-week yoga sessions that start Sunday May 28th.

There are two types of class to choose from; while each session will have different focuses, they will both have an emphasis on cultivating functional movement that supports our everyday living. As we step into spring, let’s create strength and space in ourselves to fully embrace this season of regeneration.

Space is pretty limited so sign up soon! There is a discount for folks who are already Fitness Centre members. Please see below for more details.

Sundays May 28-June 18, 11-12 noon

4 week session
$75 (non-members) / $65 (members)

This session will focus on building stability and endurance (mental / physical) through our yoga practice. When we rise up to challenge, we show ourselves our inner strength and learn how to be our own cheerleader. We build these “muscles” in our practice, so that when we step off the mat, we can show up in our lives feeling empowered and resilient.

What is a healthy dose of challenge? One that asks you to reach a little outside of your comfort zone, but not so much that you feel defeated. With that, I’ll offer modifications for postures so that you can find a version of the practice that suits you best.


Sundays May 28-June 18, 12:30-1:30 pm

4 week session
$75 (non-members) / $65 (members)

This session blends yoga and Functional Range Conditioning principles to maintain and improve range of motion in our joints. This is particularly important for aging bodies (i.e. all bodies), injury recovery, and simply feeling more at ease in our skin.

I offer options to dial up / down the intensity so that you can make the practice work for your needs. Sometimes taking a step back is the more challenging choice; sometimes taking baby steps is just the right fit. Learning to adjust the practice to suit you is a key component to self-stewardship.


If you have any questions, check out this list of FAQs, or feel free to send me a message here. If you want to contact Sport Manitoba directly, you can do so here.