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Adrienne Shum

Certified Yoga Teacher 10+ years
Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counsellor
Masters in Food Science
Founder / Creator of Saravat Ayurvedic Rituals

Yoga is integration: of body, mind, and spirit; of inner and outer; of on the mat and off. To lead whole lives we need to hold space for the entire spectrum of what it means to be human. Bit by bit, the practice can be a pathway to gratitude, intelligence, and generosity. May the merits of our practice benefit us, eachother, and this planet.

  • Moksha/Modo yoga teacher training (Ted Grand, Jess Robertson, Michael Stone, Frank Jude Boccio)
  • Ashtanga yoga teacher training (Jonathan Austman)
  • Restorative yoga teacher training (Michelle Kronenberg)
  • Kirtan chanting/mantra training (Andres Salcedo)
  • Ayurvedic healing training (American Institute of Vedic Studies)
  • Ayurvedic massage and theory training (Dr. Hari Pallathery)

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