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Adrienne’s first introduction to yoga was as a child; a seed that she has since watered with exploration of the practice both on and off the mat. Now, with ten years of full-time teaching, she continues to peel back the layers and offer up the merits of her own practice, teaching yoga as a pathway towards gratitude, intelligence, and generosity. She shares yoga in its many forms – physical poses on the mat, seated postures on the meditation cushion, call-and-response chants with Kirtan – and seeks to connect the fundamental elements throughout. Combining variety with depth, her classes present a wide spectrum of practice that is explorative, invigorating, and integrated.

Additionally, Adrienne is a certified Ayurvedic counsellor and holds a Master’s degree in Food Science. Ayurveda is often referred to as the sister science to yoga, and Adrienne weaves these intuitive healing methodologies with evidence-based contemporary research. She offers individualized, private consultations, and she is the creator of Saravat, her handmade collection of all-natural skincare products based in Ayurvedic wisdom.

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