SOUNDSCAPE – at Altona Yoga

Saturday October 39th, 2-4 pm, $55, at Altona Yoga, 40 Main St, Altona, MB

I am excited to bring the practice of sound to Altona Yoga once again! This is the only in-person workshop I currently have planned for fall 2021.

Through music, resonance, and breathwork, experience a form of yoga rooted in the belief that everything is a form of sound.

By employing certain frequencies, we can inspire healing and the release of unhelpful patterns in all our layers of being.


  • A deep dive into the theory of sound healing and yoga
  • A sound bath for you to integrate the philosophy into practice

Expect to spend your time seated or lying down, so comfy clothes are ideal.

Register online here:

Altona yoga soundscape Adrienne Shum

28-day online meditation course

Looking to get back on track with your practice?

Waking Up With Mindfulness is a 28-day online course, offering high-quality bite-sized videos that take you step-by-step through establishing and deepening a meditation practice.

    Learn about:

  • Setting up your posture so that you’re stable and comfortable
  • Different aspects of focus to promote awareness and equanimity
  • How to keep on going at your own pace

This course was designed to build upon itself: while it starts with the foundational components of a mindfulness practice, each week has themes that build on the previous to allow for depth and nuance.

Each day’s video is about 20 minutes, and you’ll have 60 days of access to allow for a flexible pace.

My approach is detailed and yet lighthearted, so as to help you forge confidence, good habits, and commitment to the practice.

Sign up here!! —>>>


Waking Up With Mindfulness online course

Hello, Pretty Ermine!

For the longest time I have wanted to take the illustrations and doodles I make and print them on shirts – as a way to enjoy the art and let it live in the world. That day is finally here!

Pretty Ermine is my apparel for times of peril: wearable artwork that quietly screams of the things that matter the most to me and what affects the communities around me.

As you know, nothing exists in a vacuum. I’d like to thank the yoga practice for giving me the structure to cultivate more awareness, not only of what is arising around me, but also of the inner critic that told me that I couldn’t do this (yes, I have that voice inside too!). With this awareness, I could let go of that harsh voice (or at least, calm it down) and learn courage.

Please head over to to check out unisex apparel ranging in sizes S-5XL and the mission of the project. Follow us on Instagram too. Thank you for your support and interest!

Pretty ermine be kind unisex tee

Welcome to the Pandemic Practice Experience

We are honoured to continue offering online yoga as we weather the turbulence of COVID-19’s third wave.

The Pandemic Practice Experience (PPE) is a library of over two dozen yoga practices – ranging from soothing Yin to invigorating Ashtanga, including a meditative sound bath. Choose a class that suits your moods and needs, at a time that works best for you.

Access begins on the day of purchase and lasts for 30 days. Buy it again, like you would a monthly pass.

Go here to learn more—>>>

Pandemic Practice Experience library of yoga Adrienne Shum