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A Bridge Between Sound as an Object of Meditation


By Adrienne Shum and David Quiring

With sound as the focus, explore the nuance and depth of a meditation practice to cultivate stability, presence, and equanimity.

In their first co-taught online course, David and Adrienne have collectively drawn upon 20+ years of experience in yoga and meditation, synthesizing it with knowledge of Ayurveda, somatic healing, and neuroscience. The heart of this offering are theĀ guided audio meditations, where our voices guide you in practice along to carefully curated sound recordings that David has recorded from various places in the world over his years of travel. With a multimedia approach, this course is designed to maximize the advantages of the online format.

Online Course - Tools for practice

This course contains:

  • A structured foundation for newcomers, as well as an opportunity for established meditators to go deeper (either with sound specifically, or as a complement with other focus-based meditation techniques)
  • In-depth lessons that lay the foundation of the whys and hows of practice
  • High quality guided audio meditations for you to learn the techniques – giving you the tools and experience to establish a personal practice without need for recordings at the end of the course
  • Videos and journaling prompts to encourage you along the way
  • Off-the-cushion exercises to integrate the work of practise in your life
  • 60 days of access from date of purchase for content that is designed to take 40 days, so that you can practice at a pace that suits you

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David Quiring A Bridge Between Sound as an Object of Meditation

Adrienne Shum A Bridge Between Sound as an Object of Meditation