Yoga for the brokenhearted

Pursuing the practice of yoga has given me many things, and one of these things has been a broken heart.

Let me explain.

Yoga is about cultivating awareness of ALL things, without discrimination. So when we open ourselves to the ways of the world, we experience both the joy and the sorrow. We see the generosity and the greed; both intelligence and idiocy; the caring and the apathy.

Yoga means resolving to bear witness to the way we both help, and harm, eachother. In the easy times, we can just drink it all in and bask in the glow! In the hard times, it requires greater determination: how do we keep showing up? How do we keep our hearts from breaking?

If we truly engage in this complicated and messy world, our hearts will break. It is inevitable. We must let them break. We have to let the world in.

So yoga didn’t break my heart, per se – it helped me realize it was already broken.

Before you start sending me referrals to therapists, hold on: it gets better.

Once we realize the state of things, only then can we do something about it. Yoga gives us the tools to mend our hearts. It gives us the chance to practise starting again, with compassion and curiosity. Every breath can be a fresh moment, a fresh start. It is a practice of forgiveness.

If we think others are incorrigible, how does that affect the way we treat ourselves?

Let’s not give up on ourselves. Let’s take care of our broken hearts, together.

Version 2.0 of PPE is here!!!

I’m very excited to share that our online yoga library has been updated!

Pandemic Practice Experience (PPE) is now Version 2.0, with the addition of TEN brand new videos! Thanks to your feedback, I’ve made practices that are shorter (ranging from 10 to 40 min) so that it’s easier to fit into your schedule.

Designed to be efficient, accessible, and diverse, the new practices are:

1. Yoga for Strength
2. Yoga for Calming Down
3. Yoga for Mobility
4. Yoga for Balance
5. Yoga for Wrist / Shoulder Injury (no downdogs or vinyasas!)
6. Yoga for Energy
7. Yoga for De-stressing
8. Yoga for the AM
9. Yoga for the PM
10. Yoga for Sleep (on the sofa!)

There’s a ton more physical demonstration in these videos, to help out the visual learners among us. I had a lot of fun designing these practices for you; enjoy and let me know what you think!

Pandemic Practice Experience Adrienne Shum

We can always begin again (yes, it’s true)

As arbitrary as it can feel, a new year draws a line in the sand: it’s time to reset and start again.

A sect of the wellness world seems to dislike the word “resolutions” – I’m not sure if this due to feeling badly about not sticking with something, or not being chill enough, or…?! To me, the word resolution means clarity and vigour. It means direction.

If you prefer to call it “intentions”, then go for it! Whatever semantical acrobatics you want to use, I think there’s nothing wrong with wanting to evolve, and that desire can include appreciating who you are at this moment.

Yes, it can be both.

My resolution / goal / intention / manifestation / to do list for this year is to REST more. I spent most of my teenage years and 20s in a sleep-deprived fog because I was so hell bent on doing, doing, doing. I’m quite sure that in many ways I was just working against myself.

just facing in the direction of wellness helps

In the past few years, I have set about shifting how I think about work / rest. It is a continuing saga, but essentially, I want to work smarter, not harder. And in between, I want to rest.

What about you: what do you want? How have you been going about it? Is it what you truly want, or what others tell you to want?

It’s hard to go against the tide of the culture. It’s hard not to feel like we’re “falling behind”. In some ways, this pandemic has only amplified the feeling of being in some gaslight-y race towards betterment. I don’t know where we’re going, or if it’s worthwhile; whatever it is, I’d like to move towards it in a well-rested state so I can better face it.

Here’s to feeling okay about ourselves, while knowing there’s always room to grow.

Stay well,

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