meditating on beet salad.

Thanks to everyone that came out to Jonathan Austman’s Day of Silence this weekend!  It was an honour to cook for you and support you in your practice.  For those of you interested in recipes, they will (slowly!) be posted up on my food blog, over the next little while.

If you are wondering what we ate, this was the oh-so-Sattvic menu:

Carrot+squash+ginger soup
Beet+black rice+parsley+zureshk+orange salad
Chickpeas+potatoes+cilantro+lemon salad
Homemade sourdough+butter
Gluten-free vegan lemon squares
Homemade herbal tea blends

So if you are ever deliberating on doing a meditation retreat with Jonathan, be rest assured that you will be well-fed if I am there!  Cheers to happy hearts and happy bellies!