Keep calm and Yin Yang: an online yoga practice video.

It’s here – a free, online 60-minute yoga class for you to watch and practise along to at any time. I decided to do a Yin Yang practice to honour the Spring Equinox, and its equal balance of light and dark. While the world is undergoing a turbulent time, the sun still rises and sets, and in times of change, let us work to balance ourselves, and to ground into what is right in front of us.

Dana is the practice of donation – and was the traditional way that yoga teachers received financial support. I know a handful of contemporary teachers that maintain this practice and rely heavily on dana – turns out that I am currently one of them!

If you find value in this offering, and you are in a position to give, please consider donating by clicking the button below. I am grateful for your support and interest in what’s going on in my tiny corner of the universe; thank you in advance for your support.

Keep on practising, keep on building your resilience, keep on being kind.