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Sun Jan 26 | 3:30-5:30 pm | $50 | Yoga Public
***This workshop is now FULL. Please send a message here to get on the wait list. Thank you!***
Sound has been a method of healing used in both the yogic and Ayurvedic traditions. Through a combination of breath (your innate sound vibration), instruments, and silence, we will cultivate awareness by exploring subtle frequency. The workshop begins with a discussion on the the hows and whys of practice; the majority of the time will be spent practising. Come to learn and receive. Space is limited. Register at
Soundscape Jan 26 2020

Prairie Snowflake Winter Wellness Festival
Feb 1-2 | Snowflake
Find me again at the Snowflake Winter Wellness Festival, held at the Fort Garry Hotel in the heart of Winnipeg. I will be on a panel discussion on diversity in the wellness world, as well as giving a talk on Ayurveda and living a life of balance. Use code ADRIENNE10 for a discount on your ticket.

Kirtan in the Little Hive
Fri Feb 7 | 7-8:30 pm | $20 | Little Hive Yoga
Join David Quiring and I for a kirtan, hosted by the wonderful Natasha Lenon in her beautiful Little Hive Yoga Studio! Kirtan is the yoga practice of call-and-response chanting, a method of concentrating the mind and cultivating compassion through the power of sound and resonance. Since it’ll be a week before Valentine’s Day, we will be focusing our chants on universal love and compassion. To register, please visit here.
Kirtan in the Little Hive Feb 7

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Adrienne teaches yoga as an awareness practice that uses postures (asanas) and breath (pranayama) as tools to discipline and focus the mind. She encourages her students to cultivate an ability to diligently observe the body and breath; through the refinement of this technique, an individual can engage in a process of uncovering themselves and learn to embrace their present experience. Her teaching approach is grounded, earnest, and inquisitive, in the hopes of providing her students with a nurturing environment in which to develop a steady practice.

Please visit Yoga Public Downtown and Yoga Public South Studio for Adrienne’s regular class schedule.

Adrienne also teaches private yoga and meditation classes (one-on-one, group, corporate, special occasion). Contact her to inquire about booking classes.

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