Space and grace: a 70-minute Vinyasa flow yoga practice.

We have made a NEW yoga practice up on YouTube! Enjoy a Vinyasa flow practice that focuses on building strength and mobility, especially in the hips and shoulders. May the agility we create in our physical bodies inspire us to become agile in our minds and hearts.

There are modifications offered for the various postures in this practice; adjust as you see fit in order to work with how you are feeling. Take good care of yourself.

As the pandemic situation continues, let’s build patience, grit, and endurance as we navigate through uncertainty. The practice of yoga helps us reconnect with these aspects of ourselves, so that we can feel emboldened in our daily work and relationships – which is where the real practice of yoga is.

We give these practice videos freely; if you find value in this offering, and you are in a position to give, please consider donating by clicking the button below. Dana is the traditional practice of donation through which yoga teachers have received financial support – and is the way I am currently offering my teachings. Thank you in advance for your support.