rest & digest: a 1/2 day retreat in April

rest & digest 1/2 day retreat adrienne shum yoga public


Join me for a half-day retreat in-person at Yoga Public (Sat Apr 23rd, 9 am – noon) in which we can dive deeper into the practice. A retreat gives us the chance to slow down and process the ups and downs of the past two years, and to honour what we’ve experienced, so that we can move forward with a sense of cohesion and meaning.

Challenging experiences (whether big or small) can leave a residue in both our bodies and minds. Practice can be a way to metabolize these experiences, both through addressing the physical digestive system, and the mental/emotional processes by which we learn to integrate the past.


  • A nourishing yoga practice that promotes the body’s ability to heal via focusing on the physical digestive system
  • Meditation practice(s) that teach us to allow for emotions and sensations (mental digestion)
  • An interactive discussion on what these practices are all about and how they can apply to daily life
  • A gentle environment that supports healing and compassionate self-inquiry
  • Simple self-care practices and food for thought as you move forward in life’s journey

You’ll also receive access to an audio recording of a guided meditation created by me to digitally support you after the retreat.

Let’s pause and de-clog!

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