End of an era: Yoga Public is closing Oct 4, 2022.

All things come and go.

It is with great sadness to share that Yoga Public announced on Friday Sep 2 that it is closing its downtown doors on October 4, 2022, after 10.5 years. This is the home where I have met so many wonderful people and where I’ve devoted so much practice and teaching since its inception. I am deeply grateful to each and every person who has ever contributed their time and energy to that space.

All of this comes as a bit of a shock (teachers were told the news on Friday too), and unfortunately this means that my remaining time at Yoga Public is very limited. If you would like to come to my class(es) there while you still can, please check the studio schedule.

And, life goes on after October 4th. If you are interested in taking my classes, consider signing up for the October livestream session, purchasing my online yoga library / courses, and reading my newsletter for updates (subscribe here). It means a lot to me as I figure out what’s next.

Thank you for allowing me to do what I love for so many years.

This is not the end. It’s just a moment after the last.

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