…is Yoga?

Yoga is an awareness practice that uses postures (asanas) and breath (pranayama) as tools to discipline and focus the mind.  By cultivating an ability to diligently observe the body and breath, an individual engages in a process of uncovering themselves and learning to simply be present with their experience.  In addition, the ethical practices (yamas/niyamas) of yoga enable a practitioner to root their endeavours in a humble and earnest foundation.

…is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is often called the sister science of yoga, as the two practices reinforce and complement each other.  Translated as, “the knowledge of life,” Ayurveda is a healing methodology that addresses the interrelatedness of the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of an individual.  Health is found when harmony is established within one’s self, and between the self and the environment.  When Ayurveda and yoga are practised in cohesion, they contribute to the complete development of an individual in all of their capacities.

…is Kirtan?

Kirtan is call-and-response chanting rooted in Bhakti (devotional) yoga.  The practice of chanting cleanses the body, speech and mind, to bring the practitioner closer to pure awareness.  Chanting is a main component of spiritual healing in Ayurveda.  Adrienne plays the harmonium, a beautiful instrument commonly used in traditional Indian music, to help lead the practice.  No previous chanting or musical experience is ever necessary to attend; this practice is an excellent way to delve into the non-physical aspects of yoga, where healing and equanimity can be found through breath and sacred sound.